Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cross Domain Knowledge and MBA

I request no comments from philosophers on this post please.  It is truly a generic opinion of mine.

As the world defined in Matrix movie series, is truly following the said guidelines.  An Intermediate guy is expected to go for higher education or go for work in a local shop or marketing in MNC.   A Engineering guy is with is normal degree is expected to press the respective keys like F12345… at his job post.

An MBA guy is only required to do his what? managements? why he is only expected to look into NON CORE field, as of what I see now, only a Engineering (IT) guy is entitled to become head for IT Systems including the designing, purchase, security etc, only a Chemical Engineer is eligible to be in top for Chemical engineering departments,  the problem is why HRs are not looking into the reason why MBA course does exist in the World.

MBA is said to teach the basics of every things and to manage any field we go into, if not the top positions, I strongly say that MBA must be given chance to look into other fields.

In the said examples,

  1. An MBA who is tested with good IT knowledge (like me Winking smile) must be recruited for if not top level but at least for top-middle level where we look into efficiency and effective approaches, or try to do more on alternatives to actually merge the Business process with Pure IT (infrastructure).  As to what I see, the IT infrastructure in India is not truly merged with Process, here IT companies are like Internet cafes with no or only limited access to Internet.  What use is all the computers are there but no scope to modify the process with help of IT, cant make a script when need, can’t request for a small but useful utilities programs, can’t ask for ergonomic systems, no IT motivation like music, low cost central Air Condition which gets too cold to not sleep in early or night shifts.  I don’t see an MBA in IT here, hence need MBA in Infrastructure.
  2. An MBA in Chemical Industry, why only have a good chemical engineer when his actually duty is in lab, the management must be left to MBAs, that is why MBA course is there; an MBA can take precautions on how to purchase chemicals efficiently, design better layout for storage, processing line ups, train employees how to react on incidents, let me tell you most of the permanent employee also don’t know how to use the locally placed Fire Extinguisher.

I hope people (HRs and top management) will understand what each course is actually designed for first before taking or joking on cross certified candidates.

I haven’t gone on any rough interviews to write a post like this Smile, it is my opinion on how people should not react to cross knowledge candidates like me.

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