Monday, March 28, 2011

My first experience on 64bit OS

I as a regular user used to work on windows 7 32bit (x86) platform, recently on 23rd march 2011, I have upgraded my PC to a new configuration with 6 GB DDR3 1333MHz PC, hence I moved from the regular 32bit to x64 or 64bit platform.   My CPU is AMD Phenom II 945, it is a X86-64Bit architecture, that is, it can support both the type of platform.

Basically, I find the common designs-themes in both of them, as expected Smile with tongue out;  however they is a considerable benefit in the application processing speed.  I used winrar, adobe CS5 and found the difference to be hung like about 20% gain in time.

64bit is good.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Easeus Data Recovery

From 2 days I have been trying to recover my friends formatted External Hard disk, he by mistake formatted the 1TB external storage device thinking it for a connected pen drive.  We have been storing data in it for a long time, say collection of movies and games, we felt bad that things went bad.

I gave a try on net and found that Easeus Data Recovery is one of the easiest ways to undo things, I tried it on the drive, in the mean time I brought a 2TB GoFlex for myself, hence it was possible for me to backup the 1 tb into the 2 TB one.

Easeus Data Recovery is a good product, as my experience on it for the given hectic 2 days I say it was easy to operate on it an the options were simple, I was successfully able to recover the entire 850GB of Data from it to my internal HDD and then into my 2TB goflex. Open-mouthed smile

A recovered virtual file structure view of Formatted HDD

A view of the file structure once the possible files for recovery are shown.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Experience of TRUE 5.1

I have seen many movies, played a good number of major games, but the sound effects are only to the mark.  Recently I started playing the Battle Field Bad Companies 2 PC version, the sound is indescribable.

I have the CREATIVE INSPIRE T6200, a set of 4 surround 7.5watt speakers, 1 central speaker of 18watt and a Sub Woofer of 20 Watt sufficiently a lot more of a small room, the movies like Batman Dark Knight were the best of the sounds I heard on my speakers, I played a more recently released games like Bullet Storm, the sound of these games and movies were excellent only till the time I played Battlefield Bad Companies 2, this game is awesome in terms of sound effects, graphics and so on.  I started it in easy mode, but the game was too tough, in other words you need a damn good real strategy to complete it, the environment is totally destructible, i.e. if an enemy is hiding behind a wall, we can destroy that wall  with a grenade, this is not there in previous versions.

The sounds are totally freaking, the bullet sound, the bomb blast, the collapse of a wall, the helicopter sounds, the air, the talking, and disturbance at war time are all great/excellent.

I rate the game at 9/10 and specially 10/10 if only for sound.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

One of the long waited Game

Battle Field 2 or more commonly know as BF2 and there series are much liked by me and many of the gamer communities.  BF3 is expected to return the game 10 folds much exiting.

BF3 engine is built from scratch, a complete new code, using the new techs, the display, the animations on how soldiers shoot, run die and the physx for bullets and how materials are destroyed are shown awesome.  The new engine is designed to take the best of from EA including the sound effects hope my 5.1 Creative would live to them.

Waiting to buy a copy, BF3 will rock.

Video Interview Link at GameSpot.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


It seems it was a long time since I played a game on my upgraded PC, hence I gave the this turn to the game BulletStorm.

Bulletstorm is a FPS game set in future time or with few modern weapons but not much different from other games, for example, lets say Double Barrel short gun is replaced with short gun with 4 barrels, a sniper with which u can control the bullet movement with mouse at time of near the enemy.

What I like of this game is, the Bullet Time option what is only used as a attracting feature in other games is actually given some role in the game. This feature is used through out the game and actually it is given very fantastically.  The features like kicking the enemies out of tall buildings, into cactus, into grills etc. are very good and making me use no bullets.  Also, a weapon on hand is used to pull the enemy towards you, might be enemy or any object like guns, bombs or even HOTDOG Stands can be pulled and kicked to through them on the enemy, bullet time is given when any of this happens.  The sound and graphics are very very good and also, they at great in 5.1 Open-mouthed smile.  For the first time the thrilling is good as it is a bit hard to complete also, the enemies are a mixture of zombies, tribal like and Advance Cyber suited humans, as the game goes on, the number of enemies we fight at ones increase and no other difficulty.

If there are any cons, I would like to say, the game gets a bit bored to play for 2nd time Sad smile.


Few in game pictures are here:


A small video also:

This game, I rate it at 8.5/10.