Friday, April 15, 2011

Assassins Creed Brotherhood: First Impression

I have played till 22% memory synchronization and I feel a lot new things in the game.

First thing, the game got a bit more clumsy with too many new features like buying the shops, tunnels etc. are all introduced in the first itself, I wish they are introduced slowly, also till now, I am only with 7 health points I wish I could have more because I have money but the armors are not unlocked yet very very few options.

The interesting part is that there are many soldiers to kill this time and also the way the killing mechanism is given is good.  I just need to select one soldier and need to lock on to him, basically the soldier who is going to attack next will be highlighted, then I will select him and use the counter kill, that’s it, the soldier is now down on ground.  Till this extent the game was good.  The graphics are good but they are taking a hike on my ATI 4670 graphic card (I suppose I need a new graphics card now).  The sounds are nevertheless the same.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Installer and Slow Videos

My first review would be on its installation.  The installation went fine and once I started the game I saw terrible thing, the Frames per sec (FPS) of screen is at 4-6, it is pretty slow, that is too bad and I played its earlier version at too high settings.

I reviewed the net for a solutions, it seems there are a quite a few number of posts regarding this, but there is no release or update from the UBI to encounter this.

Since there is no solution to it, I thought of reinstalling it, so I first uninstalled the game completely, also removed the UBI game launcher, used CCleaner to find any registry issues or missing references and then reinstalled it.  Now the game is working fine.

The problem might be with the UBI launcher, I have it since the Assassins Creed 2, but I have updated it yet no results; Anyway, the game is now working Good.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Assassins Creed II

After completing the Assassins Creed I I took a small gap for few weeks and then started the Assassins Creed II, the game start with Desmond escaping from the Templar's ‘Scientist’ to the Assassins Group or home group.  The game ends with a warning from god like people explained as ancient race, they say that the world might end soon and this is the 2nd time.

The game grew a lot more awesome from its predecessors, the weapons are good and more over every weapon type like short blade, swords, long swords, two handed weapons etc. are given special abilities with makes the user to judge the situation and attack with proper and not all weapons are carry able.  And more over, a small gun is introduced into the armlet of the assassin making him kill the enemy at range at a single shot unlike the blades which require more than 1.  Weapons are sold at weapon counters or blacksmith, the assassin had enough money to buy all and from middle of the game the money flow is limitless (frankly the game needs some better control of money).  The treasure chest are placed along the map like last time, but the good thing is that a map with treasure locations can be purchased from the PAINT (artisans) SHOP.

The graphics are well improved compared to the 1st version.  The texture, the lighting, the shadows and the climatic changes are all done very well.

The gameplay has some modifications, earlier we are required to go and do small small missions are like pick pocketing, interviewing, ease dropping etc., however these missions are not required at all except may be to earn few gold.  Also, the way the funny pick pocketing is done in old version is changed now, look at the video below:

Pick Pocketing- Assassins Creed II

The game play was a great and the controls for the PC version are almost the good as in PS3 versions.  Overall the game can be rated at 8.3/10 because the game lacks in fighting difficulties.  The fights are too easy to be dealt or at least just moderate, earlier it used to be tough to fight against some 6-8 folks at ones, but now I can fight nearly 16 of them at ones, the AI of the soldier need to be improved a bit and also the enemy needs to chase when assassin is escaping earlier it would be difficulty to get out of there notice, but now it became too easy, I actually can escape from them in seconds.  Rest everything in game is Great.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Loved 1 and so the second too - Assassins Creed

I am a big fan for Assassins Creed, I have played and completed the assassins creed 1 and hence bought the assassins creed 2, but it was partially satisfied.

The game has good movements, the building climbing was made much more interesting, the movement controls for jumping was greatly improved and the killing tactics got some better.  The weapons are also somewhat renovated to that age.  The building textures, colors, lighting etc. are also made a lot better.  The gameplay tactics like blending with people on street has been taken further.

Some pics are here:

Also, another interesting thing is that the game is able to use the multicore processors well, example see below:


However, I lost some interest in PC edition for the game while playing since the game has few glitches, like Assassinating ‘Antonio Maffei’, I have taken all the pain of killing many guards and took a lot of time in climbing the 4-5 towers and finally the glitch is that the target person is not at the place Sad smile; this was too disappointing and there is no patch for this even on this date.  However after playing the same seen for few turns, I passed over from the glitch Open-mouthed smile.

Excluding this glitch, I think every thing else can be rated at 8.3/10.