Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary

On invitation from my friend Rama Reddy, went to an area that is about 50 Km way from my home town Vizag, that place is called as “Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary”.

Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary, locally called as Kondakarla Lake is home to many migrating birds during the summer, lake is a spring, hence no shortage of water in any season.

The best part of the lake is that no dangerous animals like crocodiles etc like in there, only fresh water fishes are present, and it full of foliage, and home to some water flowers like water lilies etc..


The better part of administration of the maintenance of the lake and its resources is not in the hands of the Government Agents locally.   The body is controlled by about 300 members (locals), they only do the fishing, seeding(food for birds, seeds like for foliage, and food of various kinds for fishes) and cleaning of the lake from ages.

Also, the body/union which deals in maintaining the lake makes sure that no spoils the lake with plastic bags, bottles etc.  More over, they do not promote use of mechanized boats etc, since they may spill oil or frighten the birds with there sound.  The boats that they use are made from Palm Trees, 2 trunks are connected, and a cot is placed to hold the two boats together, they take about INR150 per trip of 20minutes –30minutes on workdays (Non Busy days).


On Sundays and other holidays the cost of boat trip is more with trip lasting only 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

It is quite good to go out of the Concrete jungle to some rural area that is not polluted yet but expect to see many bird, they arrive only during the summer season.

Following is the route map from Visakhapatnam:

Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary Route Map

Where A is RTC Complex, B is Visakhapatnam Airport and C is Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary.

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  1. Yes, the lake was indeed a natural beauty at it's best. Pavan we should go there once again...may be this Sankranti...