Saturday, May 25, 2013

Why join an MNC?

Finding a job in an ITES environment is getting tough day by day.  But why not find in a small company; lets see the reality:

A small company has one or two projects in hand, each project might take from 100 to 250 employees these days;  and MNC is big company split into various processes, and each process is nothing but just one project; hence each project has similar employee strength.

In a small company, employee is required to do more, and in multiple domains, hence learn a lot; in an MNC, employee is stuck to his role, it can be said as specialization, however the employee will be restricted to his daily process, example: if an employee is working as an payment analyst, searching employee records on a old FoxPro based utility, and pays him based on some criteria, please tell him what he can do after 5 years, and don’t him that because of him some lakh employee go there payments properly in time.

In a small company the freebies are less, or lets say very limited; but MNCs rock at this area (and not MNCs),  they are give gifts, keep the premises extreme shining; and free coffee and tea at vending machines Smile.


So finally what should you do: if you want free coffee and tea, come to an MNC; if you want work and more learning, go join a small company.

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